Feel good 

I had exams the past few weeks at college. Everybody knows the feeling, right? The frazzled brain, clammy hands, unnatural disheveled appearance accompanied by the feeling of walking on a plugged in live wire… yeah we have all been there. 

Usually with that feeling we would walk into the exam hall looking like a complete mess, rocking a very natural zombie look in last night’s pajamas and hair that resembles a crows nest. 

This year I decided that I’m not going to stress myself out by sitting with my books the morning of the exam. It’s totally pointless and we all know it. And usually you end up confusing yourself because of your extremely overloaded mind. So I stayed up as late as I could until I was satisfied that I could take on this exam (okay okay I stayed up the whole night 😌). But I stopped whatever I was doing 2 hours before I was expected in college. 

I wanted to look good. Not like I was going to be flattened by the torture of students and pleasure of teachers; the exam. I wore my ‘feel good’ clothes and dabbed a bit of make up. When I looked at myself I thought, ” Hey I’m too good looking to be crushed by something as trivial as exams. I look like I can do this. So I believe I can do this.” That’s when it hit me. I have read a quote which says ‘Look in the mirror, that’s your competition.’ So by making me look good, my confidence rose and when you feel confident anything is possible. It’s a simple mantra. You look good, you feel good. You feel good, and anything is possible. Not to impress others but to show yourself that you’re enough. 

Next time there’s something that’s got you on the edge. Spend time on yourself. Work on your inside or your outside. Before you go for it, mentally and physically prepare yourself. Trust me, you have what it takes. Nothing can destroy you. As long as you trust yourself, anything is possible. 

So go on, take the bull by the horns. You can do it.



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