Step back.

Sometimes I wonder what life really means. What is the ultimate goal? Does reaching the finish line even matter? Can’t I just stop running for a moment and just take a break? 

These days life is so rushed. We look at the trivial things as most important and loose the important things over triviality. We are so blinded by the small stuff that we don’t even see the big ones. 

Imagine this. You are looking at a small figurine in your hands. When you focus on it, eventually the surroundings become a blur. Your peripheral vision is ignored as your eyes concentrate on the object in sight. Lol, I don’t even know if any of you get what I’m trying to say. But my point is let the little things go. Don’t sweat the small stuff. 

So what if that one important person hasn’t returned your call. Or your so called “bff” hasn’t replied to your text, even though they have seen it. Who cares? Well, you shouldn’t. 

Don’t let your attention get diverted so easily. Remind yourself to step back and look at the whole picture, instead of one minute detail. Because chances are, you are the only one who notices it. 

So let go, relax. Because life isn’t just a ride. It’s a journey. Take it as it comes and enjoy every moment. Because today is your day, and you can take control of it, starting now. 



2 thoughts on “Step back.

  1. It’s 21st century and science advanced period. If we take a break and relax we might end up the dumbest people in the world. Like there was a girl threw a PS4 into a swimming pool and bought a new one for her boy friend where she doesn’t know that there is a hard drive in it and it stores all the data and its destroyed now. And finally no point of having a new one coz the games and achievements have to be won from zero again. Check on YouTube for PS4 prank gone wrong. She is sin.

    And crazy things happen right now in this world and taking a break is not a good idea. For mind blowing information Google and see what “Mr.Elon Musk” does from California – The founder of PayPal (Internet Company), Tesla (Electric Car and Green Energy Storage Company), SpaceX (Re-Usable Rocket Company).

    The article is great. But the idea doesn’t belong to me. Anyway it’s your opinion, yeah I sometimes think the same but I feel we can take a break and relax on our retirement time. And I always enjoy my time. I am not always focused onto something. I play, hike, chat with friends, mostly have fun and also more into technology and science engineering.

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