Follow the dream 

Growing up, it was dream to be a writer (yes, that’s what I thought authors were called). As I grew up, my passion for writing remained but my dream faded, replaced by newer, more realistic ones. I started blogging as a way to follow an old dream, but even in blogging I realised, that I didn’t put as much effort into it to keep it alive. 

Today I got to wondering about why people don’t do what they’re passionate about. I, for one, have an outlet through which I can quench my love for writing. But still, I chose, unknowingly, not to. Why does something that makes me so accomplished, feel like an extra forced effort? 

Writing is a way to pour out your heart, while still filling up your soul. 

So today I’ve made up my mind. If I’m passionate about something. And if that something makes me happy… Then I’m going to go ahead and do it. In the start if might feel like a chore. Like an unwanted extra burden. But this burden is light and easy, and I’m willing to take it on. 

So for all of you out there, if you can relate in any way to this, I hope you never give up on something you’re passionate about. Be it a goal, a plan, a thing or a person; your effort will pay off in the end. 

I know I haven’t blogged in a looooooong time and for that I’m truly sorry. I hope this made you feel good reading it as it did while I wrote it. 

Stay blessed you guys 😊



One thought on “Follow the dream 

  1. Love this article. Exactly what I did until I self-publish my first novel. Keep dreaming because dreaming is free but what counts is what you do to achieve your dream.

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