Happy Mothers Day

Hey y’all, I am so sorry I haven’t updated my blog. It’s been too long.


Anyway, to all the mothers out there, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY❤️.

My mother I have to say is my pillar. We are a handful, the six of us. But yet she made it look easy. Now that I’m older I realise how many sleepless nights she’s had. How many times she had to tirelessly clean up after six incredibly energetic kids. How early she woke up (still does) to get us ready for school and how late she slept, making sure everything was ready for the same cycle to begin again. She’s an inspiring, beautiful, strong, wonderful woman. I can’t be more proud of her. I am blessed to be her child.

I had a lot of time to myself today, and I took to my thoughts. I wondered about those who don’t have their mother with them. But then I realised a ‘mother’ doesn’t have to only be the woman who gave birth to you, or the woman who raised you. A mother is simply a being who cares for you, and puts your needs before hers. One who loves you unconditionally and without fail. One who always knows when something is troubling you and gives it her all to make it better for you. Because in her eyes there is no one that can compare to you, no matter how flawed you are or what kind of perpetual trouble you seem to be in.

As weird as it may seem, some men pose as a mother figure too. This was a concept I was hesitant on writing because it maybe contradicting. But I’ve seen many guys who are very motherly, in fact some are more motherly than most mothers are. I’m not saying that they are feminine, but have really great caring personas.

 So here’s to all the ‘mothers’ in our lives. Thank you for being our strength in our weakness, our joy in our sorrows and our one and only constant cheerleader. We love you.



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